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Carbon Copy is a journal at the intersection of climate science and the literary arts. It is a place of confluence and discussion, of the sharing of perspectives—a proverbial water cooler for the global community at a time when cooling is badly needed. Carbon Copy is by and for scientists and writers, artists and geographers, poets and journalists, photographers and close observers—for all those open to seeing and grappling with profound change. We aspire to be a leading voice in the environmental humanities by producing a journal that is incisive, imaginative, and inclusive.  


Because climate represents weather conditions over a long period of time, we believe conversation about climate change should be sustained over a long period of time. While other journals have done an admirable job of developing climate-themed issues, Carbon Copy recognizes climate is a subject, not a theme. It recognizes each climate issue (i.e., "unresolved conflict") deserves its own issue. Additionally, we recognize the amazing works our peers do in promoting literature about the environment; however, Carbon Copy is a space for thinking exclusively about climate impacts on our environment.

In addition to publishing original works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, we are also interested in conveying climate narratives through hybrid and multimedia works. Each issue will feature conversations with leading researchers in the natural and social sciences. Participating authors have allowed their long-form prose pieces to be "open for annotation." Carbon Copy seeks veracious annotations from professionals, citizen scientists, anyone eager to join the conversation initiated by a story or essay. Submit your teleconnections now.

Since 2019, Carbon Copy has published works by authors whose work has won the National Poetry Series, American Book Award, Pushcart Prize, the Prix Médicis, Guggenheim Fellowship, and National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. Our commentators include lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, moral philosophers, resilience planners, sustainability managers, and policy experts. We are also committed to publishing debut authors.

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