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Image by Eddie Kopp


mike buckius

A Miracle

I'm going
to dedicate
my entire
life to
becoming really
good fertilizer
for the 
earth it 
will be 
my only
and that 
should be 
good enough 



Southwest High

The fear is that
the power grid fails
and we all die
but the truth is
not all of us will die
some of us will just be dry
Dry humans raiding water stashes
with greedy shiny mustaches 
and sore tailbones after
pulling out the chairs from under us
Over under the underpass
is hot death
and the roads are quiet
just like the wonder month
during the pandemic
when the skies were
a little bluer
A grid of wires
a forest of trees
a patch of brush
a dry creek bed 
the taste of cool
Fires burn until there’s
nothing left
and then there’s rain just because
To cup hands to receive it 
is somewhat like a prayer
and really that might be
all we got


         Notes: These poems appear in mommompoempoemdaddad.


mike buckius

is a writer, filmmaker, and educator from Lancaster, PA. He earned his undergraduate degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, and his MFA in Creative Writing from Northern Arizona University. His work has appeared in Triquarterly, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, The Maynard, and Ghost City Review, among others. His first chapbook, Future Sarcasm, and his first full-length poetry collection, Mustache in Plain Sight, are both available through Tolsun Books. He currently teaches at Arizona State University and lives in Phoenix.



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