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Carbon Copy is a journal at the intersection of climate science and the literary arts. It is a place of confluence and discussion, of the sharing of perspectives—a proverbial water cooler for the global community at a time when cooling is badly needed. Carbon Copy is by and for scientists and writers, artists and geographers, poets and journalists, photographers and close observers—for all those open to seeing and grappling with profound change. We aim to be a leading voice in the environmental humanities by producing a journal that is incisive, imaginative, and inclusive.

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Our third issue is live now.

To begin reading Ear to the Ground [Cc: 3],

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We are now reading for

TBD [Cc: 4].

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Previous issues

[Cc: 1] Small Islands/Big Ocean

[Cc: 2Addictions: of the Anthropocene

[Cc: 3Ear to the Ground

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